Group Restrictions

One of the unique features provided by Bandwidth Splitter is in the possibility to allocate the bandwidth or specific traffic quotas to several users or hosts.

Limitation of bandwidth for a group of users or hosts means that the allowed band is evenly distributed for all the currently active group members. It means that if only one user belonging to Group 1 is working at a moment, all the bandwidth allocated to the group goes to this user. If there are two users, the bandwidth is divided in half, etc. Allocation occurs dynamically, being instantly adjusted to changes within groups. If, for example, each participant of a group it currently allocated 10 kbits/s, and one of them is using only 5 kbits/s, the unused channel will be evenly distributed for the rest of the active users in the group (unless static distribution is configured).

A similar scheme of even distribution is also used for allocation of the channel to individual connections of individual users or hosts. Such a scheme ensures that no connections are individually restrained. At the same time, if any connections at any moment are idle, their bandwidth will be distributed for the others.

Restriction of traffic amount for a group means that the group has a common traffic counter, and when the remaining traffic counter reaches the zero point, the access is closed for the entire group, regardless of traffic amount used by individual users.

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