Bandwidth Splitter Rules

Management of shaping settings and traffic quotas is carried out based on rules. Bandwidth Splitter introduces two more types of rules for this purpose: Shaping Rules and Quota Rules.

The Shaping Rules section contains rules that define who is allowed to access what, when and at what speed (it is possible to allocate different bandwidths depending on the time (Schedule) and the requested address (Destinations)).

The Quota Rules define who is allocated how much traffic (per day, week or month or without any time limits).

Both sets of rules are ordered. For each new connection, the Bandwidth Splitter processes the rules in order. The first matching rule is applied.

Rules can be created not only for users, but also for published servers. In this case the Applies To field should contain a client address set with the internal IP address of the published server.

If you have active Scheduled Content Download Jobs, it is necessary to create rules for this service as well. The Applies To field should contain a client address set with the address of

Note. It is not necessary to create individual rules for each client or published server. You can put all clients into one rule and set a common restriction for them.

Note. All changes in the rules are applied on the fly. Existing connections are also subject to changes.

Warning. To make work Bandwidth Splitter rules that have users or user groups (not IP address sets) in the Applies To field, those users should be authenticated. For this purpose they should be allowed by a rule in Protocol Rules or in Site And Content Rules as accounts instead of Client address sets or Any request.

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