Real-time monitoring represents the activity of all clients accessing Internet through ISA Server. You can view information on the address of each client, the user name, the number of connections, the remaining traffic counter and the names of the Shaping and Quota Rules applied. The current and average values of the incoming, outgoing, total, and cached traffic speed and the corresponding graphs are also available for each object.

Real sample of real-time monitoring (click to enlarge figure)

You can set up the monitoring options using the context menu of the Monitoring:

Having selected Connection Details and some user (or a group of users) in the clients window (top), you can see the details of each of this user's connections in the connections window (bottom). This data includes:

* The protocol names are defined by Protocol Definitions in Policy Elements.

** The parts of URL's that follow '?' or '#' are truncated, as well as strings longer than 255 characters.

Active objects are displayed in the monitoring window in black text color. After all connections of an object have been closed, the object is first displayed in grey and then removed from the monitoring window at all until it resumes activity.

From all parameters available for monitoring you can choose just those that you want to view at a moment - columns in the monitoring window can be easily hidden.

By right-clicking the clients or connections you can copy to clipboard some information about selected clients or connections.

Note. Monitoring graphs are scaled to the highest speed rate for the period and can be used just to appraise the speed dynamics of a client or a connection. Generally it does not make sense to compare graphs by height, as they may have different scale.

You can filter displayed connections by configuring conditions in a way similar to the one used in ISA Logging. This functionality can be invoked by clicking on Filter... button in toolbar, or via menu. You can save your filter configurations in preset filters, and then quickly load them when needed.

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