Bandwidth Splitter Administration

Note. Refer to topic Quick Start for a brief introduction to the basics of the Bandwidth Splitter administration.

The Bandwidth Splitter controls appear in the ISA Management console only for servers with Bandwidth Splitter installed.

For remote operation, you can install only the administrative component of Bandwidth Splitter on computers with ISA Server management console installed.

The administration options of Bandwidth Splitter use Policy Elements of ISA Server. This allows making rules of Bandwidth Splitter more compact, not creating new entities and keeping all Policy Elements in one place. Before creating a rule, make sure that the appropriate Policy Elements to be used by the properties of the rule have been created already.

Warning. After the Policy Elements used in Bandwidth Splitter have been changed, it is necessary to select the Reload Policy Elements command in the context menu of the Bandwidth Splitter section for the changes to take effect in the settings of Bandwidth Splitter.

Note. It is not recommended to rename Policy Elements used in Bandwidth Splitter rules. If you however want to do so, first delete the reference to the Policy Element used from a Bandwidth Splitter rule, rename the Policy Element and finally add it back to the rule. After that, messages saying that Bandwidth Splitter cannot find the Policy Element with the new name may appear in the system event log. If such messages do not reappear, you can ignore them.

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