Licensing Steps

To avoid unlicensed use of Bandwidth Splitter, licenses are issued to specific computers where license will be valid. For that purpose, hardware identifier is used. It is produced from hard disk drive parameters of the computer where Bandwidth Splitter will be installed.

To find out the identifier of the computer where you plan to install Bandwidth Splitter, you need to launch instalation program (file named bsplitter.exe) at that computer. On the very first page of installation wizard you will see a code that seems like that: CE09741A. After copying this identifier you can stop the installation process by pressing the Cancel button.

First page of Bandwidth Splitter installation wizard (click to enlarge figure)

During the order process you must specify obtained identifier in the field Hardware Id of the order form. After order processing, license file license.lic will be sent to you.

When you receive the license file, install Bandwidth Splitter on a computer for which you have ordered your license (if you have not installed it before). You may choose "No" when asked about services restart during installation to avoid unnecessary services restart.

Then you should copy your license file license.lic to Bandwidth Splitter folder (usually it is C:\Program Files\Microsoft ISA Server\Bandwidth Splitter). Register you license by launching license.bat in the same folder. And finally restart ISA Server services by launching restart_services.bat in the same folder.

Check event log to see if any errors are reported. If everything was successful you will see the message from Bandwidth Splitter Service that says to whom the product is licensed and the number of licensed clients.

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