Bandwidth Splitter allows free-of-charge use with up to ten (10) clients. This number should be quite enough to try all the features of Bandwidth Splitter and to determine if your network needs it. Then you can buy license for necessary number of users. If ten clients are enough for you, you can continue using Bandwidth Splitter free of charge. However, you will not be entitled to technical support in the latter case. (Though, you may use forum at to ask BNTC Software members or other users your questions.)

You can see a list of the licensed clients on the License tab of the general options of Bandwidth Splitter. All users and computers for which there are shaping or quota rules and who have established at least one connection through ISA Server are included into this list automatically. You can see a list of connections serviced. Licenses can be issued not only for users, but, for example, for published servers.

It is possible to remove licensed clients from the list of licensed objects. You may need this, for example, to transfer a license to another client. To prevent capturing licenses by unwanted clients, disallow their access using ISA Server rules.

Note. If there is no available place in licensed list for some clients, their connections will be ignored by Bandwidth Splitter filters. Bandwidth Splitter rules will not be applied to them. Consequently you won't see them in Bandwidth Splitter monitoring.

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