Frequently Asked Questions

Q: ISA Server 2000 already has Bandwidth Rules. Why do I need Bandwidth Splitter?
A: Bandwidth Rules in ISA Server 2000 cannot be used to successfully restrict bandwidth usage. Try allocating bandwidth to your users using Bandwidth Rules if you have not done so before, and you will surely understand that these rules can hardly affect anything. Little practical use is mainly the reason why these rules were removed from ISA Server 2004.

Q: Can I test Bandwidth Splitter on a virtual machine?
A: Yes, you can. However, shaping can be extremely inaccurate in such conditions, as problems with counting of small time periods may occur.

Q: Is it possible to temporarily disable Bandwidth Splitter without uninstalling it?
A: Yes, it is. To do so, disable its filters in the Application Filters and Web Filters lists and restart the web proxy and firewall services. To resume operation of Bandwidth Splitter, enable these filters again and restart the web proxy and firewall services again after that.

Q: I made shaping/quota rule for users, but it doesn't work, and I don't see these users in monitoring.
A: If you want to apply Bandwidth Splitter rules to users or user groups (not IP address sets), those users must be authenticated by ISA Server. For this purpose they should be allowed by a rule in Protocol Rules or in Site And Content Rules with user/group accounts instead of Client address sets or Any request.

Q: When I run ISA Management console from remote computer, I don't see Bandwidth Splitter section.
A: You need to install Bandwidth Splitter remote management component on this computer. Just run Bandwidth Splitter installer on it, choose "Custom Installation" and select only "Administration add-on for ISA Management" component.

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