Setup Bandwidth Splitter to log bandwidth usage stats

Configure Bandwidth Splitter to write bandwidth usage statistics into appropriate database:

  1. Open ISA Management console, right click Bandwidth Splitter, open its Properties, and select Database tab.
  2. Select Enable collecting of bandwidth usage statistics check box.
  3. In MSDE/SQL Server, type the name or IP address of the computer running SQL Server, or choose (local)\MSFW if you want to use local MSDE database.
  4. In SQL Server port, type the SQL Server listening port number. By default, it is 1433.
  5. In Database, type the name of the database used to store bandwidth usage data. By default, it is BWStats.
  6. In Authentication, select Windows authentication or SQL Server authentication, depending on which type of account you use to connect to SQL server.
  7. In User name and Password fields, type the credentials of the account to use to authenticate to an SQL server.
  8. Use Test button to check that database settings were set up correctly.
  9. Click OK to close properties window, and then apply the changes.

Note. You can configure several ISA servers with Bandwidth Splitter to write bandwidth usage stats to the same single database and then make reports based on cumulative statistics of all ISA servers.

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