Additional Utilities

The Bandwidth Splitter management console contains an additional auxiliary utility for editing the list of tunnelled with the CONNECT method web proxy ports. (This is also called SSL tunnelling, though it is actually possible to tunnel any protocol through these ports). To open this utility, right click Bandwidth Splitter, point to ISA Tools, and then click Edit Web Tunnel Ports.

Tunnelled web proxy ports editing utility (click to enlarge figure)

Only ports 443 and 563 are open by default in ISA Server. ISA Management has no built-in visual means of editing the list of tunnelled web proxy ports. Using this utility, you can view and edit the list of ports.

It is not recommended to modify this list if you are not sure about the consequences.

Note. The firewall service must be restarted for changes in the list of tunnelled ports to take effect.

Please refer to the SSL Tunnelling section of the ISA Server documentation for more information on web tunnelling.

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