Bandwidth Monitor (client utility)

This utility allows users to track their Internet activity in real-time. They can watch their current data transfer rates, the number of established connections, and the traffic quota remainder. The latter is especially useful for users to not allow traffic quota be spent too fast.

Warning. If multiple quota rules are applied, Bandwidth Monitor client utility shows only the counter of the first applied quota rule. Clients can see all of their quota counters via web statistics interface.
Bandwidth Monitor (click to enlarge figure)

This utility can be found in BMonitor subfolder of Bandwidth Splitter installation folder (usually C:\Program Files\Microsoft ISA Server\Bandwidth Splitter\BMonitor). It is reasonable to share this folder on the server, so users can copy Bandwidth Monitor to their computers. Perhaps you will need to add NTFS read rights for this folder to allow users access. Installation is not required, users may just copy utility and help file to their computer and launch it.

Bandwidth Splitter listens for connections of client utilities at port 15000 using TCP protocol. Therefore, to allow utility connections, there are should be an Access Rule that allows connections to this port from your internal network (where users are located) to Local Host network.

In most cases the utitlity doesn't require any preliminary configuration. By default, proxy server address is taken from the Internet Explorer settings. By default, the utility uses NTLM authentication when connecting to the server (using credentials used to log on to system). Users may specify alternative login and password that are encrypted before sending to server.

The utility adds its icon to system tray: . The icon is dynamic - it shows a small traffic usage graph and the number of established Internet connections. For the convenience of users, the utility may launch on system startup.

Refer to Bandwidth Monitor help documentation for more information on utility use (can be found in BMonitor folder along with the utility).

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