Bandwidth usage reports

Bandwidth Splitter allows you to enable logging of bandwidth usage statistics, which can then be used to create bandwidth usage reports.

Here is the sample report:

Sample bandwidth usage report (click to enlarge figure)

Reports show the amount of traffic used during reporting period. It can show general traffic amount, traffic counted against the quota, and also traffic received from ISA Server cache. You can see incoming, outgoing, and total bytes for each of these traffic types.

Reports can be detailed to show statistics by individual users and client IP addresses (as in the sample above). Another option is detailing by shaping or quota rules which were used to manage the traffic. Also reports can be detailed by day, week, month, hour of day, day of week, etc.

Reports can include graphs to show the dynamics of bandwidth usage during the reporting period (as in the sample above).

Reports are generated based on report jobs which are configured by administrator.

Report generation can be configured to run automatically on schedules, or can be launched manually.

Generated reports can be sent via email automatically (upon completion of generation), or manually.

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