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Bandwidth Splitter allows the users to track their traffic quota remainder via web interface. Usually they can do it by opening in web browser one of the following URLs: http://web.stats/ or These requests are intercepted by Bandwidth Splitter web filter, and are not passed further to external network.

Web statistics sample (click to enlarge figure)

Initially, web statistics for non-web-proxy clients (users without configured web proxy in web browser) will work only if Web Proxy Filter is activated in HTTP protocol definition (by default it is activated). However, if Web Proxy Filter is disabled in HTTP protocol for a reason, you can create a custom protocol duplicating the HTTP protocol (containing outbound TCP port 80) with activated Web Proxy Filter. Then create access rule allowing access from your internal network(s) to destination address, and using protocol you just created. If users use authenticated Internet access, replace All Users with All Authenticated Users on Users tab of this rule. Place this access rule at the top of the list.

Initially, domain name web.stats can only be used by web-proxy clients (users with configured web proxy in web browser). (However, accessing web statistics via IP address should work for all types of clients in any case.) If you want domain name web.stats could be used by all types of clients, you need to register it in your DNS server (of course, this DNS server must also be used by your clients). It should resolve to IP address If you need assistance, you can find instructions on how to do this on our web site.

If you want, you can change the domain name used to access web statistics on a Misc tab of general Bandwidth Splitter properties. Domain name web.stats is the default, and should be fine in most cases. If you decide to change it, note that usually you should not use the name such as something.yourdomain.com, because if your users' browsers have exclusion set like *.yourdomain.com for which proxy is not used, it might not work as it supposed to. Connections to web statistics should go through the proxy server.

You can enable or disable web statistics globally on a Misc tab of general Bandwidth Splitter properties. By default, it is enabled.

You can also enable/disable displaying specific quota counters in web statistics on a quota rule level. In quota rule you can also specify the description text that will be shown to users explaining the quota. If this description is not specified, quota rule name is used.

You can customize the web statistics page by editing the web.stats.htm file in Bandwidth Splitter installation folder. File must be saved in UTF-8 format. Don't remove the auxiliary comments in the file. Restart of Bandwidth Splitter service required for these changes to take effect.

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