Number of Licensed Clients

When choosing a license to purchase you should carefully consider the number of licensed clients you will need.

Warning. You should count the number of licensed clients as the total number of clients that have access through Forefront TMG, not as average number of concurrently connected clients.

Licenses can be issued not only for users (accounts), but for hosts (IP addresses) as well. Note that if a Bandwidth Splitter rule (a Shaping Rule or a Quota Rule) applies to accounts, the list of the licensed objects will include the client accounts, and if the rule applies to sets of client addresses, this list will include the client IP addresses.

It can be that both a Shaping Rule, used for accounts, and a Quota Rule, used for a set of client addresses, apply to the same client. In this case it is required to license both the IP address and the account of the client. Therefore if you want to reduce the number of licenses used, try not to mix the types of Bandwidth Splitter rules applied to the same client.

Also, if different Shaping Rules can be applied to the same user (depending on Schedule or Destinations), try to make them the same type.

When choosing a license you should keep in mind these facts. It is better to order a license with some free space to grow. You can upgrade you license at any time to increase the number of licensed clients though. The upgrade cost is just a difference between original license costs.

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