Upgrading and Updating License

You may need to update your license in two cases: when you want to increase the number of licensed clients or when you want to transfer Bandwidth Splitter to another server.

The prices of license upgrades (increasing the number of licensed clients) you may find at http://www.bsplitter.com.

Since license is bound to hard disk drive parameters you don't need to update your license in case of change of any other hardware like processor or memory. License update in case of hardware change is free of charge. However you cannot update it more than two times a month.

After receiving a new license you must cease to use the old one. Old licenses become invalid and would not work in next updated versions of Bandwidth Splitter.

If you need to upgrade or update your license, write a letter to order@bsplitter.com. Specify what kind of license update you need. Include your license file license.lic for identification. Bear in mind that it may take some time to process your request.

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