Notes on what you see in the reports

The amount of used traffic is shown in bytes.

Graphs show the dynamics of bandwidth usage during the entire report period. It is similar to the graphs that you can see in Bandwidth Splitter monitoring, but the period is much longer in this case.

Authenticated users are identified by their SIDs in bandwidth usage logs. This means that if user account is renamed, his/her stats still will be written with the same user identifier. When report is generated, SIDs are converted to the last known user account names, which will be shown in the report. These names are stored in generated reports. Even if you rename accounts, user names in already generated reports are not changed.

Shaping and quota rules are identified by their names in bandwidth usage logs. Even if you completely change rule settings, but leave it the same name, its stats still will be written with the same rule identifier. Or if you delete rule and create a new one with the same name, it will also be treated as the same rule. So, it is generally useful to rename rule if you change its properties, and want to make reports detailed by shaping or quota rules. Otherwise the stats from old and new rule configuration mixes, and you get hardly useful results. This behaviour also means that if you rename the shaping or quota rule, it will be treated as different one in reports.

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